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New Custom Powerups

In this post I will be showing you how to add new custom powerups to scripts...

This includes the following powerups :

SuperStar   ----- Makes you Invincible for a while. really powerfull! 

Martyrdom   ----- Drops sticky bombs to your location when you were killed!

SpeedBoots  ----- Makes you run FASTER ! you'll love it             

Suprise     ----- Looks like Med-Pack be careful it's FAKE !   

IceCube     ----- Makes you FROZEN ! 

Steps for installation : 

1. Download the script from this link : Download Here

2. Copy the downloaded script.

3. Paste this script to Server Scripts Folder or mods folder.
   To use them in your mobile devices paste this script to your mods folder ,i.e, (Bombsquad) Folder.

4. Done.

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