Essential Edits in bombsquad_server

Essential Edits in bombsquad_server

In this post I will be showing you have to edit yor essentials in bombsquad_server file

You will learn how to edit the following topics :

1. Your Server Name
2. Port of Your Server
3. Whether your server is private or public
4. Deafult Language of your server
5. Maximum Party Size
6. Teams/FFA Server
7. Playlist Code for Games and Mods
8. About Telnet
9. Setting Winning Scores
10. Stats URL for your Webpage

So Lets Start :

1. Changing the Server Name and Visibility of Server ----->
   To change the name of your server...Open bombsquad_server file first,then find config['partyName'] after the = sign change the name of your server....

   To Make your server Public (Accessible to everyone from server list) type,
    config['partyIsPublic'] = True
   To Make your server Private (Accessible to those who have Server IP and PORT),type
    config['partyIsPublic'] = False

For Example :

2. Changing the Port of the Server ----->
   You need to specify the port in which your server will run...Open bombsquad_server file first,then find config['port'] after the = sign change the port of your server....If you have multiple servers running on the same ip/instance you need to change port of each server...

For Example :

3. Changing the Default Language of the server ---->
   Change the language specified in the config['language'] = English
   This will make default language of server English....However this will not affect someone who is using custom language in their device....

For Example :

4. Changing the Game Session of server ----->
   To change the game session teams / ffa go to bombsquad_server then find config['sessionType'] after the = sign specify the game session...It can be teams or ffa

For Example :

5. Changing the Maximum Server Size ----->
   To change the server limit i.e, how much people can join the server at a time, you need to specify the maximum number of player in bombsquad_server , find config['maxPartySize'] after the = sign Select How much people can join the server at a time....
   Note that only 8 people can play at a time other players can not join the game but they can see the other players palying that are in the game...If you want to increase Player Limit you need to go to that I will show you in another post...

For Example :

6. Setting Game Series Length for Team Games and FFA ----->
   To Set the Game Series Length, Open bombsquad_server and find config['teamsSeriesLength'] for Team Game Length and config['ffaSeriesScoreToWin'] for Winning FFA Scores , Edit these as much for your needs

For Example :
7. Setting the Stats URL ----->
   This is generally used to show the stats page of your server...But you can use it to show/redirect to any other links in the stats button beside the server name in server List..To Add your Link Open bombsquad_server and find config['statsURL'] and add your url here...
For Example : 
8. Changing the playlist code ----->
   Playlist Code is needed to play those games in server which you want...You will have to select the games in your Bombsquad App then create the playlist code...The Games you selected there will be played in the server...
   Note that your server scripts should contain the mods/mods that you have selected when creating the playlist code otherwise the mod will not work...
   To create playlist code follow these steps:
   a) Go to Your Bombsquad and Click on Play
   b) Select Your Game Mode Teams or FFA
   c) Scroll Down and Find Customise button, Click on it
   d) Click on New and Click on Add Games
   e) Slect Your Game and Choose the desired settings for it
   f) Add more games by repeating procedure d) and e)
   g) Rename Your Playlist
   h) Click on Share Button...It will give you a numeric code 
   i) Paste this code in bombsquad_server file in config['playlistCode']
   j) If you dont want to use any playlist code type None
For Example :

Video Tutorial for this post (Video Will be Edited Soon):

And That's it you have learnt about it..
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