Prevent Your Server from Spams

Anti-Spam Scripts for Server

💣 Prevent your servers from Spams  💣

Have you ever faced that someone is spamming your server with random messages....If not then you can face these in future too....This can lead to much lag in your server....

So now the question arise that "Can't we stop these spams?"

The simple Answer is Yes....We can Stop these spams by installing Anti-Spam Scripts to the server...

In this post I Will show you how you can Stop these spams....

So Lets Start

1. Download the Anti-Spam Scripts from this link : Click Me to Download Anti-Spam Scripts

2. Extract the files 

3. Now Paste these files in the server scripts folder 

4. Now Host your server 

5. If you did Everything Right...This will be shown....

6. And Done....Now it will protect your servers from 99% of the Spams

Files are not created by me : -------> by Plasma Boson --------> by AwesomeLogic 

If you Face any problem feel free to comment down....I will reply ASAP....

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