Chat Logger for Bombsquad Server v1.0

Sometimes You Need to save your chats of your bombsquad server So that you can check those chats in future...

So You need chatLogger for your server for saving all the chats of the server

Follow The Below Steps to Install Chat Logger to Your Server :

1. Download chatLogger from this link : Download Chat Logger

2. Now Extract all the Files from the zip file you have downloaded

3. Now You Should see this chatLogger FIles (

4. Now Copy this file to your Server Scripts Folder

5. Now You should Open Your Terminal / PuTTY / SSH Client and type the following command :

        sudo apt install python-pip

        sudo pip install pytz

6. Open and search for :

       def _handleLocalChatMessage(msg):

7. And add the following lines to it :

      import chatLog

it should look like this :

def _handleLocalChatMessage(msg):
    global gPartyWindow
    import chatLog
    if gPartyWindow is not None and gPartyWindow() is not None:

8. Done, If you do it correctly you should see this ChatsLogged.txt file in your scripts folder in which all the chats are Logged....

chatLogger v2.0 Coming Soon...

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